Homologated DEEPTONE BLACK INOX with ceramic treatment, Slip-on kit with double removable db killer (baffle) for racing use,it include specific link pipe, brackets, holder and fasteners, link pipe brush stainless steel made, silencer fully stainless steel made wtih black ceramic coating for high warming.

Developed from GPR thanks to Moto GP and SBK races experiences, the system has a ROUND shape, Diam. 80mm, medium weight about 1,55 kg depending from motorbike of destination.

GPR provide original homologation documents and instructions available as drawings or video or pictures books.

If item is used in homologated configuration it doesn’t require mapping, it is possible use panniers and central stand and sonda lambda boss is included when necessary. Available many sound file and pictures gallery, product is hand made in Italy, produced under European directives, it is street legal and it has 2 years of international warranty